Achibé is about discovery...


Regardless of your background or circumstances, you have an amazing amount of potential that you have yet to explore.

Do you know your strengths?  Your best qualities? Do you know how you can use them to help you achieve your goals?

Achibé (pronounced A-chee-bay) is about changing the way you interact with yourself and others so you can have a more fulfilled, empowered and independent life.

Our approach is relaxed, supportive and will empower you to achieve your goals.  

We do that through our Achibé Cards and our confidence programmes.

Achibé Confidence Coaches

We’ll help you understand why you do and think the things you do and how this can help or hinder your ability to make progress in your life.

We’ll give you inspiration, confidence and encouragement to discover and go after what really matters.

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What else do we offer?

Achibé Confidence progammes for organisations

We are a unique collective who can offer highly specialised person-centred confidence programmes.

We believe that everyone has the potential to realise their goals and lead more empowered and independent lives.

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Achibé in the community

Achibé can help individuals and groups of people in the community focus on their everyday needs and shared goals.

Do you support vulnerable people? Either to help them with their emotional well-being or to help them make positive changes in their lives? 

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Achibé in education

From supporting specific National Curriculum targets to helping students in higher education, we have a variety of options available to you.

You can have access to an Achibé Confidence Compeer who can work with individuals or run ‘train the trainer’ workshops so you can utilise our Achibé Cards to run your own sessions in your school, college or university. 

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We are confidence company like no other.

If you looking for something slightly different with the opportunity to do meaningful work as a Confidence Coach, Trainer or Mentor, we’d love to hear from you. 

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