"Everyone needs to discover what success means to them."

Shereen, Founder



Welcome to Achibé.


My name is Shereen and I am the Founder of Achibé (pronounced A-chee-bay) and Creator of Achibé Cards.


I’ve made a career out of helping people and businesses to discover and fulfill their potential.  I’ve worked extensively with some of the UKs leading organisations, leading teams and empowering them to be fulfil their full potential.


As well as being a career professional, I’m also a single mum to my 9 year old daughter, therefore I know about the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Not having enough time to do what I want to do, delaying the things I really should be doing and finding myself easily distracted when I’m eventually ready to focus.  Sound familiar?


In 2016, I found myself having to pause and take a moment to think about my career and the life I wanted to lead.  Surprising my confidence and self-esteem took a bit of a hit and I needed something to help me re-build, re-energise and focus.


I was unable to find anything on the market that was flexible enough for what I needed, so in this moment my idea for Achibé and Achibé Cards was born.


I developed and refined the cards and book for my own use and in doing so discovered they would help other people.  They are vibrant, easy to use and offer immediate and long term support. 


Whilst I still use Achibé Cards myself (I’ve got lots more I want to achieve), I have also developed a team of amazing Achibé Compeers and Mentors who support a variety of organisations and individuals to achieve their best, regardless of background or circumstances.


If you would like to discuss Achibé in a little bit more detail or have any questions about how we could help you or your organisation, do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.


Alternatively you can purchase a starter pack of Achibé Cards and let me know what you think.



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