Achibé (pronouced A-chee-bay) Cards are the catalyst you need to reach your potential. Giving you the inspiration and the confidence to succeed. 

They work perfectly just for you or can be easily and successfully used for you to empower others to reach their goals, at work, at home and in the class room.

Achibé Cards are an attractive pocket sized book and cards set (£12.99 with free P&P for UK customers), which are jargon free and easy to use and can be adapted to best suit the user’s needs.

With a combination of large and small cards they are portable and easy to carry around. 

At home

Achibé Cards can help you:

Declutter your mind and realise what’s important in your life.

Focus on ambitious but attaintable goals.

Improve the quality of your relationships.

Make you more relaxed, confident and at one with yourself and others.

at work

Achibé Cards can help you: 

Jump start and accelerate your career.  Speed  onto the next pay rise or promotion with focus and determination.

Become more effective and goal driven.

Build your confidence.

Develop new skill sets which sets you apart from others.

in education

Achibé Cards are a fun, interactive and easy to use teaching tool, which can be adapted to support any personal, health and educaiton (PSHE) programme.

Encourage students to take personal responsibility for goal achievement.

No age or knoweldge restrictures so can be used for all students, regardless of age.

Can be used one-on-one or in a large group.

supporting others

Achibé Cards can help individuals and groups of people in the community, focus on what matters and give them the framework and skills to achieve their shared goals.

A great tool to support emotional well-being and facilitating positive change.

The perfect tool for people working in voluntary, charitable or community organisations.

7 Steps To Success With Achibé

Unlike many other self-help and motivational guides Achibé Cards are a very concise and offers a highly colourful way of visually focusing your energies on your priorities.

Achibé Cards keep you on-track with your goals, with a simple step-by-step and straight forward approach which you can manage at your own speed. Meaning that the everyday distractions won’t get in the way of you reaching your goals and dreams. 

The ‘Achibé Make Success Yours’ book gives you the chance to think about where you are in your life right now.  

What are you grateful for?  

What would you love to change?

 What makes you happy?

What really matters to you?  What do you care about?  

Many times, we live every day without consciously thinking about what is really important to us.

Now is your time to pause, take a moment and reflect.

Visualising what you want to achieve is one of the most powerful ways you can make it happen.

What does success look like for you?

Picture it clearly in your mind, imagine that you are already where you want to be. 

Writing things down makes you less anxious, gives you some structure and plan to aim for.  

Our words have power so writing down your goals or plans on your Achibé Cards act as your powerful commitment to making change.

Put your Achibé Cards around your home and belongings where you can see your goals every single day.

 Bold, vibrant and colourful they are made to stand out on purpose. That’s how they keep you on track!

Planning is important but it has to be balanced with action.

What do you need to do less of, more of? 

How can you declutter your mind and your life to achieve more?

What is the best first step you can take?  Right now?

Achieving what we want takes time, energy and persistence.

Check your progress often.

Even if it’s just a five-minute thought when you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.