Achibé Confidence Programmes

Your potential, your progress, your success.

There may be many unexplored limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a fulfilled life.  An Achibé Confidence Coach can help you make sense of what’s going and support you in the discovery of what changes you need to make to live your best life.

The benefits of having an Achibé Confidence Coach are vast.  Many people report that having someone to help them focus on making positive changes in their lives helps to:

  • Become more independent – relying less on others to make them happy
  • Achieve more job and life satisfaction
  • Establish and take action towards meaningful goals
  • Foster better relationships with their friends, family and colleagues.
  • Become more responsible and accountable for their happiness
  • Confidently manage changes within their lives that previously would have derailed their progress.

Working with an Achibé Confidence Compeer gives you permission to focus on you in three main ways:  


 Finding the inspiration and motivation to take action in realising your goals and aspirations can be frustrating. 

Achibé Confidence Coach will support you in clarifying your goals and inspiring you to achieve more than you ever dreamed of.


We can help you if you are looking to create better relationships, break restricting habits and overcome limiting beliefs that have stalled your progress so far.

Ultimately we work with you to improve your self image so that you act with greater confidence to achieve the outcome you desire. 


As well as utilising our Achibé Cards, we have access to a number of long-lasting tools that can help you stay on track. 

We know how to listen and ask thought provoking questions to encourage you to make positive changes that will improve your quality of life. 

Plans and Pricing

We are now offering a FREE confidence programme for clients in Glasgow.  

This is a limited time offer and we can only take another 5 clients.

limited offer

£0/per session
  • FREE no-obligation Chemistry Session (45 minutes)
  • FREE confidence sessions (up to a maximum of 6 sessions, saving 
  • Six, one hour, face-to-face sessions (select locations in Glasgow) or via Skype/video conference
  • 10% OFF Achibé Cards Starter Pack when you book your second Confidence session.
  • FREE Achibé Personal Action Plan Template
  • Option to have weekly or fortnightly sessions, with availability in the evenings.


Pay as you go
££65/1 hour session
  • FREE no-obligation Chemistry session (45 minutes)
  • One hour face-to-face sessions (select locations in Glasgow) or via Skype/video conference
  • FREE Achibé Cards Starter Pack when you book and pay for your second Confidence  session.
  • FREE Achibé Personal Action Plan Template
  • Option to have weekly or fortnightly sessions, with availability in the evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

aren't i just paying you to listen?

It’s great to have friends, isn’t it?  They care about you and will unapologetically listen to your problems and offer you advice.  They really can influence how you see yourself and that can be a good or a bad thing.

An Achibé Confidence Coach will give you support and we will encourage you to make progress and move forward.  The difference between us and a friend?  We are not emotionally involved or connected to your life.  We are trained to ask you the right questions so that you come up with the answers – you really do have them, you just need some help accessing them.

Because we are impartial we may say things that those closest to you would never dare to say and equally you may share things with us that you wouldn’t dream of talking to your friends.

Our job is to ask your questions, to help you remove any thoughts or behaviour patterns that aren’t helping you move forward.

That’s why we differ to your friends.

can you help me in anything?

An Achibé Confidence Coach can help you improve most areas of your life, particularly if you:

  • Struggle with a lack of self-confidence, particularly young people.
  • Are worried about transitioning through a life changing event e.g. retirement, redundancy, career change.
  • Want to make a career change and are worried about the transition
  • Want to jump start your life after a set-back
  • Have been out of work for a while and are concerned about returning to the workplace
  • Have caring responsibilities and have difficulties having a life outside of their caring role.
  • Are uncomfortable with speaking up for yourself.
  • Are disabled and feel this is holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Are frustrated with the where your life is right now and need help to make a change
  • Want to address and improve your work-balance

We can’t solve your problems for you, but we can inspire and motivate you to feel more confident and empowered to progress and move forward.

How come you can offer FREE confidence sessions

We have a number of Achibé Confidence Coaches across the UK and to attain their full professional qualification, they would need to do anything from 30 – 40 coaching hours after they have finished their training.

From time to time, we come across coaches who need to build on their coaching hours. As we love their energy, life experience and ability to embody the ethos of Achibé we take them on and support where we can as we believe everyone has to start somewhere. When they join us they are Achibé Confidence Coaches.

One of the ways we do this is by allowing them to work with our clients for FREE for a limited period of time.

We do this in a few select regions across the UK and it’s only a small handful of people who have the opportunity to access our FREE confidence sessions.  It works well for us and for our clients, so much so that we often find our clients want to continue with their Achibé Confidence Coach long after the initial 6 FREE sessions have finished.

We are very transparent with this and so if you do decide to take up our offer of FREE confidence sessions, it is with the understanding that you are receiving coaching from an Achibé Confidence Coach who has finished their training but just needs to validate their qualification.

If this is not something you would like to take up, that’s completely fine and we offer a pay as you go or discounted price plans dependent on your needs.

what's a chemistry session? do i have to have one?

As part of our Confidence programme it is essential that you are comfortable with your Achibé Confidence Coach.

That’s why we offer a FREE no-obligation meeting that we have called a Chemistry Session.  It’s 45 minutes having a relaxed and informal chat with your potential Achibé Confidence Coach.  You will both broadly explore the areas you may want some help with, how you can successfully work together and ultimately ensuring you feel positive about working together.  This is what we call Chemistry.

If after the first session you are happy to progress, great.  But if not, that is absolutely fine.  We are not a sales company so there is no pressure for you to continue. 

We are here to help and encourage you. Your potential, your progress, your success.  That’s what that matters to us.

can I have my confidence sessions in my home?

For the safety of you and our Achibé Confidence Coach, we don’t usually hold confidence sessions in your home.

We a select number of locations that have been specifically chosen to ensure you feel at ease, safe and yet assures you privacy during your sessions.  Our compeers have been known to meet their clients during their lunch hour, in a favourite coffee shop or restaurant or even during a walk in the park!

If you have accessibility challenges and are worried about our locations, we are confident we can come up with a solution that works for you.  Leave that bit with us.

How many sessions do i need to have?

Dependent on what you are trying to achieve, we usually suggest that clients have a minimum of six sessions (an hour for each session) with an Achibé Confidence Coach.  This is to allow you to feel at ease with your Compeer and give us the opportunity to set you up for long term success.

However, we are flexible and if you find that could achieve an outcome you are happy with in less sessions, we can accommodate that for you.  You are not tied in to our services so you can pause or finish the coaching programme at any time (even though we would love for you to stay the course).

How regularly do we need to meet up?

Our Confidence sessions works best if sessions are on a regular basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly but we also offer the flexibility to arrange sessions according to need.

Can we have confidence sessions over the phone?

For the first six sessions, these will need to be either face-to-face or via Skype/video conference.

We have found that it works the best for building a working partnership between you and your Achibé Confidence Coach and ensures the sessions are uplifting, focused and action orientated.

After your first six sessions, if you wish to continue your confidence partnership on a pay as you go basis, then it is fine to have your sessions over the phone.  However we would still recommend that you get the best outcome when you have face-to-face or video conference sessions.

What is the difference between our confidence sessions and counselling?

Counselling can help you to identify the underlying psychological causes of deep rooted beliefs that are causing your emotional strain and affecting your mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Achibé Confidence programme is supporting you to act.  With confidence. To move forward with purpose, feeling inspired, confident and encouraged to achieve your goals.  We are interested most in where you are now and where you want to be.  We will work you to identify the best steps you can take to make change happen.

Do your Achibé Confidence Compeers have coaching qualifications?

Broadly, coaching is an unregulated profession in the UK so this means that anyone can really call themselves a coach.

Achibé Confidence Coach however have completed their coaching training, do hold appropriate accredited coaching qualifications (unless specified otherwise) and are members of recognised professional coaching bodies.

The most important part of your relationship with an Achibé Confidence Coach is that you feel at ease and optimist about your future. Our role is to make you feel comfortable otherwise you will not gain anything from our sessions.

That’s why we offer a FREE no-obligation 45 minute consultation meeting so you can meet your coach and ask them as many questions as you like.

We are not a sales company so there is no pressure for you to continue with our services.  We are here to help and encourage you. Your potential, your progress, your success.