Achibé confidence coaching for organisations

We believe that everyone has the potential to realise their goals and lead more empowered and independent lives.

We are a unique collective who can offer highly specialised person-centred confidence sessions on behalf of organisations who support individuals who:

  • Struggle with a lack of self-confidence, particularly young people.
  • Are worried about transitioning through a life changing event e.g. retirement, redundancy, career change.
  • Have been out of work for a while and are concerned about returning to the workplace e.g. stay at home parents, long term unemployed.
  • Have caring responsibilities and have difficulties having a life outside of their caring role.
  • Uncomfortable with speaking up for themselves.
  • Are disabled and feel this is holding them back from achieving their goals.

Organisations who could benefit from our Confidence Coaches could be:

  • Disability resource centres
  • Local authorities/social services (referrals)
  • Carer Groups
  • Special Schools
  • Pupil referral units
  • Local government e.g. our Achibé Confidence Coach could work with Activity Coaches who support disengaged young people
  • Employers e.g. to deliver retirement planning workshops, or outplacement support for redundant employees
  • Job Centres

Our Achibé Confidence Coaches hold a variety of professional qualifications and come from a range of professional backgrounds which enables us to support individuals who would really benefit from access to one of our coaches.

We can offer programmes for one to one support or facilitated workshops for small groups of individuals.

 If you would like to hear more about what we could offer or just have chat about Achibé in general, do get in touch using the contact form below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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