self-discovery, potential and authenticity

Achibé (pronounced A-chee-bay) is about individual self-discovery, potential and authenticity.  

 Our story started with Achibé Cards, a set of cards we created to help people tap into what makes them happy and what is important to them.  Over time this has developed into a multi-facetted people consultancy business with the personal touch. 

Our services are designed to help you proactively manage your people to uncover the different ways they can fulfil their potential, whilst still remaining true to who they are.

We can provide consultancy servicesconflict management supportcoaching programmes, outplacement supportworkshops and mediation services

We haven’t deviated from where we started though, as we are still writing articles and continuing to work on other creative projects such as journals, planners and coaching cards. 

We are also exploring how developments in artificial intelligence can give new perspectives to current people and business challenges.    We feel there are opportunities to blend the human, empathetic touch-points of our services with the ease, innovation and experiential experience of technology.  

We will never be described as ‘formal’ and that’s what people like about us.  We have real life experiences, coupled with an eclectic professional background gained from working in large well-known brands as well as local councils and Universities. We don’t stop there.  We also have a mix of education, HR, social science and finance qualifications too.

Why does this matter?

Because we won’t be for everyone and that’s okay with us.   Our style is informal and personable and dare we say, a little bit edgy.   

We are a people consultancy set up to work with like-minded individuals and organisations who are just as committed to seeing people fulfil their potential as we are.  

That’s it.

This is us.