How long did it take you to feel comfortable in your own skin?

It’s a slippery slope you know.  Being overly concerned with what people think of you.  You can become preoccupied with doing things, or not doing things because you are reacting to a perception of you that’s not based on who you really are.  Don’t feel that you have to trade who you really are to be popular or relatable.

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Preparing for exam success

How good will it feel when you turn up for your results and you get the results you prayed for? When you see your grades printed on the magic piece of paper?
We’re not quite there yet, but Achibé Cards are the perfect tool to help you feel motivated, calm and in control.

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Say it loud, say it proud with affirmations

Whether you are a believer in affirmations or not, there is something immensely powerful in speaking out loud your goals and intentions, every day, as often as we can.
Affirmations are statements we repeat to ourselves over and over again. Consciously or unconsciously. More often that not, they have been the negative kind.

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What are vision cards and do they really work?

Have you heard of ‘vision cards’ but didn’t what they were?

Or have you seen products touted online as vision cards to only find that they are blank cards, index cards or even post-it notes?

Have you always wanted a set of dedicated vision cards to help manifest your goals, dreams and aspirations?

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When in doubt, just say yes!

“It’s dangerous outside. Stay inside where it’s safe and warm.”

That seductive voice that can hold us back from growth and realising our true potential. That seductive voice is our minds, holding us back from doing things outside of our comfort zones.

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