We love to work with individuals and organisations who are just as committed to people development as we are, regardless of what stage your business is at.

We are creative and authentic in our approach and we’ll work with you so together we implement solutions that work.

 Small business with big ambitions

Whilst we make no apologies for being a small business ourselves, we collectively have cut our professional teeth working within well-known high street brands, international risk management organisations, public sector bodies, local councils, hospitals, Universities and colleges.

We understand what it means to with work within established policies and practices in a large organisation and we know what it means to be a fledgling start-up, where you need to build everything from scratch.

Strategic People Development

  • Re-basing your people strategy after a period of intense change. From identifying what that means for your existing plans, to scoping out future objectives, team structures and budgets  
  • Writing annual people strategy proposals that are focused on the future and balances your aspirations to be an employer of choice and setup to readily support your overall company strategic aims
  • Providing people due diligence to support potential and actual merger and acquisition activities
  • Supporting start-ups with designing agile team structures that allow to scale up and scale down resources and activities according to where you are in your business cycle
  • Providing interim HR Director support

Organisational design

  • Advise on the appropriate set up for your teams and departments to respond to changes in business strategy and direction
  • Support with aligning department objectives and activities that integrate and support into one overall company objective or purpose
  • Support with winning hearts and minds – engaging your people beyond ‘roadshows’ and ‘town hall’ style presentations so they feel they are part of the journey and an integral part of your success
  • Development of meaningful metrics that are designed to drive improvement and innovation

Competing in the race for talent

Finding great people in today’s environment of high employment is tough.  Traditional methods of recruitment will no longer allow you to find the very best pool of candidates.

We can help by reviewing your current recruitment methodologies, where you advertise, how you use social media, the technologies you use to and what outreach programmes you run (or would like to run).  Using this diagnostic information, we would put together realistic proposals that can drive your recruitment practices in way that enhances your employer brand, is representative of your culture and is budget friendly to boot.

Beyond diversity and inclusion

We can support you in reimagining your commitment to finding diverse talent that goes beyond your hiring practices and inclusive policies and procedures.

For example, do you feel you need to increase the support you offer to those with disabilities?  Are keen to move past focusing on Occupational Health assessments, chair and desk set ups and into something more meaningful to reinforce that they belong in your organisation?

We can help you come up with ideas. Then turn those ideas into proposals, support you with the implementation and any follow up evaluation. 

Not sure your Board will buy into your suggestions? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. From writing proposals for submission to the board to co-presenting with you at Board meetings, this is what we do best.

Managing differences within diverse teams

Diversity within your business is important.  Time and time again, it has been empirically proven that those organisations with diverse teams perform better.  They are more profitable and have the set up to innovate quickly and outpace their competitors.

We find that many organisations start with the right intentions.  They go out and cast their net wide to find diverse talent.  They make them feel special as part of the on boarding process and wow them in the first few months of their induction.  All of that is great and is exactly how it should be.

But…somewhere along the line they have overlooked the unintended consequences of having people with different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives all operating under one roof. 

Personality clashes will happen, it is normal and it is expected.  Not everyone will get along.

You can be different though. Rather than seek to resolve issues by referring people to your HR department or waiting for the grievance email to arrive in your inbox, you can utilise our services as trained Mediators and experts in conflict management. 

Not all conflict is bad conflict and we can help you navigate the line between healthy and destructive conflict and give you the guidance as to what to do when things get out of hand.

We can also support with isolated cases that need specialised support.  For further details on the work we do in this area, visit conflict management and/or mediation support.

People Management ‘in a box’

We can provide one-off pieces of work, usually in the form of a toolkit. This saves you the time in terms of research and design whilst allowing you to go after meaningful objectives that you know you can deliver on.

Our toolkits give you the expertise you need and allows you to focus on the engagement and implementation with your team, without the hassle and time of doing the research, design and consultation yourself.

Examples of our ‘in a box’ services include:

  • People policies with accompanying team and manager guidelines. These include not only aligning content with employment and regulatory legislation (as a minimum) but also developing warmth in tone and language so policies are genuinely seen to help inform and provide guidance, rather than to catch people out
  • Setting up your own internal mentoring or coaching programme, either to support your talent management strategy or as part of your outreach programme to diversify the talent within your teams
  • Setting up ‘We want you back’ style programmes that are specifically aimed at supporting parents returning from extended maternity or paternity breaks and re-engaging with talent who may have left your business due to caring responsibilities. These programmes can include a mixture of internal mentoring and coaching, as well as access to management workshops to help increase their confidence and board level sponsorship to help them progress their careers
  • People metrics – aligning different aspects of your people strategy into meaningful metrics that your whole business can understand and engage with.

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