Are Achibé vison cards a good alternative to journals and diaries?

When I held a pack of these cards and the little accompanying book, I was sceptical as to whether this would give me something different and lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised.

Let me tell you a short story about Denise.  It’s a true story and it’s about her first experience of receiving her Achibé Cards.  They were a surprise gift she received from her daughter Karen.

I don’t want what everyone else has…

Denise is someone who likes to try new things.  She could spend hours browsing on Etsy to find personal and exceptional products that you’re not likely to find on the high street or listed on Amazon.  She’s got journals about journals about journals at home. Bullet journals, gratitude journals, planners, she has them all.  What’s so different about each one, her husband always asks her, exasperation clear in his voice.  Nothing much Denise would say, I just like to write things down.  She gives the same answer every time.

Something’s missing

Denise has been a bit distracted lately.  She started a new job a couple of months ago.  On paper it seemed like the dream job.  An opportunity for her to learn something new, work with new people and it was closer to home to boot.  Upon reflection she doesn’t even know what made her think it was time for a new job.  All Denise knew was that she was tired and just needed a change.  She didn’t things through any further than that really.  

For some reason though she’s not enjoying this job as much as she thought she would and what frustrated her even more?  Denise couldn’t put her finger on why.

Do you know what you actually want, her daughter Karen would often ask her, when she complaining for the eleventh time about her job.  Yes. Well I think I do, Karen would reply.

Well do something about it Mum, her daughter always replied.  Easier said than done of course.  How can you work out what needs to change if you don’t know why you’re unhappy in the first place?

That evening, Denise decided to go to bed earlier than usual.  No point looking out the kitchen window at the garden, hoping that there’s inspiration hidden amongst the weeds and flowers that should have been watered weeks ago.  She sighs and moves away from the window.

As she goes to walk past the kitchen table, she sees a bright packet of something lying on the table next to her mobile phone.

She picks it up the packet and turns it round.  A paint splash of colours catches her eye.  Picking up her glasses from the table, she holds up the packet and reads out loud.

Make success yours

Knowing that Karen must have been round, as this was definitely not something her husband had left for her, she picks up her phone to see it’s flashing with some unread WhatsApp messages. 

Denise still likes to text and Karen always replies via a WhatsApp.  It’s a game they’ve been playing for years now.  Always waiting to see who will break first.

Hey mum, I know you wanted an early night so I snuck round and left you a little something on the table.  No idea what it is as I haven’t opened it yet, but I saw something on Facebook and ordered it for you.  Ring me later, kiss kiss.

Well well, Denise thinks to herself.  Let me get myself a cup of tea and see what this is all about. 

A personal gift for those who like to write things down

“Thank you so much” Denise says to her daughter.

“Oh you got the cards Mum?” Karen questions, already knowing the answer as Denise can hear the smile in her voice.

“Yes I did” said Denise.  “I’ve never seen anything like it. Something so simple has really got me thinking.”

“About what Mum?” asks Karen.

“All sorts really” Denise replies. “I’m just reflecting on my life, thinking about the decisions I’ve made, and the ones I haven’t.  Amazed that I got this far really.”

“Well that sounds good…is it good Mum?”  Karen isn’t sure as her Mum has been a bit quiet lately.  “Will the Achibé Cards help do you think?”

Karen pronounces Achibé as A-chee-bee.  Denise has just read in the book that it’s pronounced A-chee-bay.  Interesting word that she’s never heard before yet somehow it fits.

“It’s a good thing” Denise reassures her daughter, “Let me call you later love, I’ve got loads of stuff buzzing around my head and I want to write it down before I forget.  Thanks again, it’s a really thoughtful gift and it’s not even my birthday!” 

Denise picks up the cards – a set of large and small ones – and marvels at the colours on the one side and blank save for a hint of a colourful splash as a border on the top of the cards. 

Something so simple yet so powerful

What a great idea, she thinks to herself.  Something so simple and yet so powerful.

Denise goes to the kitchen drawer and takes out her fountain pen.  She decides that to write what she wants to write, she needs a good pen.  Not just any old biro will do.  This is important.

When Denise goes to bed that night, she’s feeling a little bit lighter.  She’s disappointed that her husband is working late as she desperately wants to talk to him about the Achibé Cards and what they’ve made her realise.

Denise turns to her side table and props up one of her large Achibé Cards.  It’s no longer blank and it’s full of her handwriting.

I’ll just have to wait for him to come home and hope I’m awake she says to herself.  How long can he be?  In the meantime, I might as well get some sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day and she must make sure she asks Karen where she got these Achibé Cards from because at this rate, she’s going to run out.

Just as she is about to switch off her night light, she sees her phone flash, another WhatsApp message.  Turning over she picks up the phone and holds it afar, no point putting her glasses back on when she’s about to go to sleep.

Just in case you’re wondering Mum, the full set of cards I bought you cost £12.99 but if you just want some more refill cards, you can buy the large or the small ones (or a mixture) for £7.99.  Postage is free! Love you xx

She’s a good daughter, Denise smiles as she goes to bed. 

To be continued…