When are you looking to increase the skills or knowledge within your teams, we can help you to help them take charge of their own development.

We deliver a number of workshops focused around our own areas of specialism and although some of the subject matter is core, we do tailor the course according to the challenges you are seeking to overcome, or the opportunities you want to unleash within your teams.

Our style is personable, interactive and creative.  Whilst we may be subject matter experts in some instances, our value comes in unleashing the enthusiasm and interest of our delegates so that as well as being up-skilled, they return back to their roles feeling motivated and energised.

Example workshops we can deliver:

“Why don’t they agree with me?” (Introduction to conflict management) – understanding the origins of conflict and why it can be a force for good in certain contexts, skills and awareness needed to keep conflict productive and how to identify when intervention is needed

“Why can’t we all just get along” (Advanced conflict management) – how navigate conflict when it arises within your team, skills you can employ and when you can resolve conflict internally vs when you need to bring in an expert.

But have you told them that?” (How to have difficult conversations) – how to set the scene for productive conversations, increasing confidence in ability to be honest and respectful in handling difficult conversations, enabling people to feel like that can raise issues with each other and their teams in a respectful but honest way. Identifying factors that can contribute to positive conversation even when delivering bad news.

“Not all disabled people are in wheelchairs” – exploding the myths of disability, how you can support disabled people, understanding that not all disability can be ‘seen’, understanding how you can proactively manage the careers of disabled people and how you can go beyond your disability and inclusion policy to create an environment that welcomes everyone.

“I can’t do this” (confidence and self-esteem) – developing techniques to get rid of unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, learn how to ask for help, how to not take criticism personally, how to build self-esteem and how to set goals that are reflective of what’s important to you.

How to set up your own internal mentoring programme – deciding if a mentoring scheme is the right approach, how to appoint mentees and mentors, dealing with the practicalities of the scheme, how to ensure fairness in approach and application and how to evaluate it’s effectiveness.

Workshop cost: £1,599 + VAT (which includes half day on site pre-meeting to tailor the workshop to the needs of your business, a full day to deliver the workshop and a follow up group coaching and quick fire ‘surgery’ session to further support embedding of learning).  

We usually run workshops on site (or alternative locations dependent on the client requirements) with a maximum of 8 participants.  

12 + 9 =